Shawn Thompson

Nécrologie de Shawn Thompson

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Shawn Thompson, on November 28, 2023, at the age of 48.  He was a devoted and loving father to Rylan Thompson.  Cherished son to Gary Thompson (Ingrid) and Catherine O’Reilly (Gerald).  He will be greatly missed by his siblings Tim Thompson (Cindy), Chase Wittig Thompson and Erich Wittig (Tiffany), as well as his nephew Taytum Thompson and niece Ivy Thompson. 

Shawn was born in Sackville, New Brunswick but mainly was raised in the Montreal area (Laval and Chateauguay).  Shawn then moved to Shawville Quebec in 1996 to continue his profession of personal fitness training and martial arts teaching.  27 years later, he was still doing what he loved for work in his own gym in Shawville.  He touched the lives of many people who walked through the doors of his gym.  “One more, come on, you can do it”.   So many of us wish he could have “one more” one more moment, one more day, one more year, one  more lifetime.   He pushed people to work on themselves, to believe that they could achieve goals if you worked hard enough.    Although he was big, strong and muscular, sometimes intimidating, those who knew him knew his heart.  He was a kind, caring, loving person who had a unique sense of humour.  If you were lucky enough to be cared for by him, you could be assured to feel safe and protected.  He was very loyal to those closest to him.   Shawn gave those ones close to him more than he even realized.  His witty, (border line) inappropriate sense of humor made many laugh.  You could always expect some sort of nick name when engaging in a conversation with him.  

Shawn didn’t like crowds or being the center of attention.  He liked to try and go unnoticed.  Seems bizarre seeing as he was over 6 feet and a giant.  A date and time will soon be determined for a “celebration of life. “

His loved ones will continue to honour his legacy by living their lives to the fullest.   We will talk about the good times, share the memories endlessly and keep your spirit alive.  Shawn “Big Man” Thompson, you are loved more than you ever knew.  As a Father, as a Son, as a Brother, as an Uncle and as a Friend. 


Until we meet again!

We think about you always,

We talk about you still,

You have never been forgotten,

And you never will.

We hold you close within our hearts

And there you will remain,

To walk and guide us through our lives,

Until we meet again.

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