Kathleen Kucharik (nee Godin)
Kathleen Kucharik (nee Godin)

Nécrologie de Kathleen Kucharik (nee Godin)

It is with great sadness and profound love that we announce the passing of Kathleen Kucharik on Friday, May 12, 2023. Married for 54 years, Kathleen was greatly cherished by her husband and friend Donald Kucharik. A proud mother and grandmother who loved to talk about her family, Kathleen will be greatly missed by her children Dwight (Claire Gauthier), Mark (Laurie MaGee), Mishka, and Joshua; and grandchildren Kyra and Drake (Dwight and Chantelle Aubrey); Conner, Ella, and Chase (Mark and Laurie); and Asher (Mishka Kucharik and James Lavallie).


Kathleen is survived by her siblings Shirley Kucharik, Linda Godin, Suzanne Godin, Marie-Jeanne McTiernan, Peter Godin, Charles Godin, Julie Rollwagen, and Jules Godin. She also leaves behind loving sisters- and brothers-in-law, and many nieces and nephews. She was predeceased by her parents John Godin and Marie-Laure Dufault.


Kathleen grew up in Calumet Island, Quebec, and loved to share stories about her childhood. She fondly remembered picking blueberries with her grandparents in Harmony Bay, running through the gully and mountains with her sister Linda, stealing small sips of brine from her father’s hidden jar of olives, and singing at dances. Kathleen was exceptionally creative and well known for her beautiful flower gardens, unbeatable cooking and baking, crafts, woodwork, and stunning quilts. Though she is also remembered as a strict and fiercely protective parent who wasn’t afraid to correct the misbehaviour of neighbourhood kids (you know who you are), her door was always open. She loved making favourite meals for her children and calling them at the exact time of their birth on their birthdays which was particularly thrilling for her daughter who was born in the early hours of the morning. Kathleen took great joy in her grandchildren. She sewed clothes and knitted sweaters, hats, and mitts, and loved baking cookies and bread with them.


Kathleen loved to take visitors on walks through her garden and enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat with anyone who stopped by. Visitors rarely left empty handed, taking home flower clippings and seeds, recipes, or Kathleen’s coveted baked goods and meals. She loved picking berries in the spring, butternuts in the summer months, and was always on the lookout for trees filled with apples and plums in the fall. Kathleen made the best salty dills with the cucumbers from her garden, sweet jams, tart jellies, and, once, a strangely flavoured banana bread when experimenting with black walnuts (they look a lot like butternuts). Neighbours, friends, and family enjoyed delectable homemade bread, squares, cookies, cakes, and pies during holidays, birthdays, and get-togethers.


An incredibly loving and giving person, Kathleen made quilts for her mother, each of her siblings, her children, grandchildren, and so many friends, in-laws, nieces, and nephews. She wanted to wrap those she loved in warmth and comfort, and made her love known through gifts of food, flowers, and her beautiful crafts. She put a lot of love, thought, and care into everything she did and leaves behind a patchwork of beautiful memories to keep those who love her warm.


A private service will be held at later date.

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